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Journals of Myrth: Book 1
How to Slay a Dragon

Copyright 2011, Bell Bridge Books , ISBN 978-1-61194-006-0

      Aside from being the smallest kid in school, Greg Hart is no different from any other twelve-year-old boy, except that his name sounds much like Greatheart, the greatest dragonslayer the magical world of Myrth has ever known.
      When prophecy is passed by word of mouth, its meaning is slurred, and the king comes to believe Greg is the only one who can save the princess from the jaws of an angry dragon. Before he can get to his first day of classes, Greg is snatched from home and whisked away to the inhospitable world of Myrth, where his fate has already been written.
      But Ruuan is a very large dragon. Greg, on the other hand, is neither large nor a dragon. He's barely much of a boy. Unfortunately, such trivialities could never stop the people of Myrth from believing Greg will rescue King Peter's daughter from Ruuan. After all, Greg has been named in a prophecy, and no prophecy has ever been wrong before.
      How can Greg hope to accomplish such an insurmountable task? How can he even be expected to survive in a place where mystical monsters lurk behind every bush? Odd questions. Does the prophecy actually say anything about him surviving?

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Journals of Myrth: Book 2
How to Save a Kingdom

Copyright 2012, Bell Bridge Books , ISBN 978-1611940916

      Six months ago, Greg Hart played a role in an unlikely prophecy foretold on the magical world of Myrth. Against all odds he managed to survive. Now a second prophecy has been revealed, one featuring the "Hero who slayed Ruuan," and Greg is once again abducted.
      No one but Greg and a small band of friends know that Ruuan is alive and Greg is no hero. Hundreds of thousands of Canaraza warriors will soon gather outside Pendegrass Castle to settle a score with King Peter and his army. Greg will be there too. With three generals battling by his side, he is expected to fight with the strength of ten men and make the difference that will lead the king to victory.
      But Greg knows the Canarazas are fierce, razor-toothed warriors who can run much faster than a man, or more to the point, much faster than Greg. The prophecy can't possibly be true--except, of course, for that one bit about him having to fight the Canarazas. Only Greg should have learned from his first trip to Myrth that just because it's impossible doesn't mean everyone won't expect him to succeed. After all, everyone already knows he's a hero.

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Journals of Myrth: Book 3
How to Stop a Witch

Copyright 2012, Bell Bridge Books , ISBN 978-1611941715

      When Greg receives a letter telling him not to go to Myrth, he is all too happy to oblige, especially since he is destined to die there if he returns. But Greg knows prophecies cannot be denied. It's not as though he'll be killed if he returns to Myrth. He'll be killed when he returns to Myrth. If it has been foretold that he will lose his life, then he will surely do so, and each minute he delays may cost the life of one of his friends.
      This time it is Witch Hazel Greg must face, and she holds the Amulet of Tehrer, an artifact of unimaginable power that lets her bend the will of dragons. Greg's only hope of defeating her is to elicit help from a man from the strange land of Gyrth, and then move on to the Netherworld, where children's body parts draw a high price for use in spells of Dark Magic.
      Greg has already survived two trips to Myrth, but how can he be expected to survive a third? He can't, of course. The unalterable prophecy has already foretold his doom.

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The Greg Hart Trilogy

The Journals of Myrth is a revised version of the original Greg Hart Trilogy, now out of print, but a few used (and even a few leftover new) copies can still be snatched up from your favorite book-selling web sites:

Greg Hart, Dragonslayer?
ISBN: 1-59330-520-6
Copyright 2007
Aventine Press (261 pages)
The Hero Who Slayed Ruuan
ISBN: 1-59330-556-7
Copyright 2008
Aventine Press
258 pages
Greg Hart's Rather
Unfortunate Demise

ISBN: 1-59330-598-2
Copyright 2009
Aventine Press
249 pages