Young Adult Fiction?

      Since the release of How to Slay a Dragon in January of 2011, people have referred to my Journals of Myrth books as a series for young adults, even though, with a twelve-year-old hero, they were really intended for tweens. But with characters in age ranging from 19 to possibly-older-than-dirt, Hanging by a Thread is truly suited for a slightly older crowd.
      "But aren't Bill Allen Books supposed to be for kids age 9 to 90?" you ask. Yes. But this one includes a bit of innuendo that may be better suited for those over the age of 15 or so. Let's say it's for kids age 15 to 150.
      "But I like Bill Allen Books the way they were!" you say. Don't worry, the humor hasn't changed. Hanging by a Thread can still provide your daily dose of sarcasm and snarkiness.

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Hanging by a Thread

Copyright 2012, Shadowcat Press, ISBN 978-0615638140

      Belgore the Magnificent has been performing in Vegas for twenty years. Many say he's the greatest magician of all time, but then why shouldn't he be? He holds the same distinction on Ambrosia, the magical planet where he was born and still returns on a regular basis.
      Unfortunately, the thread he has set up to pass between worlds will eventually destroy the Earth, and the only people who know his secret are three fellow magicians trapped on a prison planet far away. To escape they must turn to Cutter, the most feared prisoner at Facility Twenty-four, a man who has questionable motives of his own.
      Throw in the pair of incompetent mobsters who have been tasked to stop them, the innocent family who unwittingly join in the chase, and the competition for the beautiful Rory's affections between her boyfriend, Trent, and the awkward Cloyd, and you have the makings of one ludicrous adventure.

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